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Game News
Welcome to the home of Telara's Templars!

We are a mature roleplaying guild dedicated to the saving of Telara from destruction by Regulos and to preserving the freedom technology brings to the world.  We understand that the world needs both Gods and Technolgy to create the paradise we all shoudl live in and that the Guardians' Pride and Arrogance fordoomed us to this war.
Guild News

Guild Tournament Saturday July 9th 7:30 PM Shard Time

Elife Rift, Jul 9, 11 2:03 PM.
Hello all!  Come out to Zaeed's tournament this evening and win a prize!  Hope to see you all there!!

Banker Banker Banker

Elife Rift, Jun 25, 11 12:39 PM.
Congratulations Templars!  We have a guild bank thanks to generous donations from our members!!  If you do not have access to the guild bank contact Elife or Zaeed for an initiation ceremony to full membership!  Keep up the good work!

Members: Old and New

x7824, May 29, 11 12:24 AM.
Hail mighty Templars! I would like to welcome all our new members into the Order and exalt the old ones as well. This is a reminder that on (Sunday 7:30pm Shard Time) we will be holding a special ceremony for the new members. The purpose of the ceremony is thrice fold. For one, it will allow everyone to be social and get to know each other. Secondly, any initiate who wishes to take the Oath of the Templars and be granted full membership will be allowed to do so (an eventual requirement after 30 days of Novice or Initiate status). Thirdly, a brief tale will be told by myself that highlights Telaran and Guild specific Lore. Do not miss this momentous event!

- - Lord Zaeed Al-Masani
        Council of Light
        Order of the Templars

General Announcement

x7824, May 20, 11 12:58 AM.
Hail Templars! Congratulations to all our new members! There is important work to be done in Telara. Please register immediately and read up on Guild information (particularly the Guild Charter in the Forums section).

Thank you for your attention!

- - Lord Zaeed Al-Masani

Guild Events and Meetings

Elife Rift, Apr 18, 11 9:00 PM.
Good day Templars! I would like to schedule a regular meeting of the guild members bi-weekly. This will be a meet and greet for our new members as well as a time to address questing assistance, scheduling of dungeon runs and PVP events.  If you have any preference for a date and time for a guild meeting, please comment below.  Also, we will begin to schedule these events on our website calendar. 

Additionally, we will continue to have our bi-weekly guild tournaments hosted by Zaeed.  If you have a preference for the time and date, also comment below.

Attendance is encouraged and fun!  Please keep up recruiting efforts! 

Thank you Templars!

--High Priestess Elife
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